Lawson L47c Single Pattern Cardioid Tube Microphone (6072)

An overview of the Lawson L47c Cardioid Tube Microphone.


Zack’s DIY Princeton Reverb Part IV: Chassis Wiring

Zack tackles the wiring of his Princeton Reverb clone in artful fashion.

Princeton Reverb Wiring

Zack’s DIY Princeton Reverb Build: Part III

Part III of a new amp builder’s quest to build a Princeton Reverb clone/replica using new parts and the original AA1164 schematic, with minor updates.

Fender Princeton Reverb DIY Build from a new reader: Part 1

Part 1 of a Fender Princeton Reverb replica build from a new reader.

B16 VCA Compressor by Seventh Circle Audio (SCA)

A review of the Seventh Circle Audio (SCA) B16 compressor. Similar to the DBX 160 compressor.

DIY Fender Princeton 5F2-A Guitar Amp

This Fender Princeton Amp circuit (5F2-A) was built into a Peavey Audition 30 practice amp. It was a friend’s amp that had seen many years of playing, abuse, and beer stains. It wasn’t used all that often – his larger amp played the shows and practices. This amp didn’t sound very good, so it probably … Continue reading

Some new Fender Blackface guitar amp cabs

These are a couple of new cabinets I’ve finished: One is a Blackface Fender Princeton Reverb cab with a 12″ speaker, the other is a Blackface Fender Vibrolux cab with two 10″ speakers. The Princeton Reverb cab is a dark mahogany with the customary racing stripe; the Vibrolux cabinet is an almond color with nut … Continue reading

Brief Study of Aviation Branding

I was helping some friends brainstorm a logo redesign for an airport business and during my research, I found some common themes between aviation business brands. You can take most any aviation brand and fit it into one of these categories. Please note that all brands shown here are the property of their respective trademark … Continue reading


ForeFlight Mobile for Pilots

ForeFlight mobile is the app that is used most often on my iPhone and iPad. It is an extremely powerful preflight, weather, and navigation tool that has a lot of depth coupled with an excellent user interface.It isn’t hard to get around this application. In some of the aircraft I’ve rented before, the radio equipment … Continue reading