DIYRE Colour 500-Series Modules

A Touch of Colour   The DIYRE Colour modules are conceptually simple units that isolate the building block components from classic gear. Colour takes these tone-shaping components and lets you access them on their own inside of a DIY 500-series module.┬áThe Colour modules can give you more (or less) of a single effect, whether that … Continue reading

Dangerous ST-DAC Review (Monitor ST DA Converter)

A very positive review of the Dangerous ST_DAC DA Converter for the Monitor ST controller.

Brief Study of Aviation Branding

I was helping some friends brainstorm a logo redesign for an airport business and during my research, I found some common themes between aviation business brands. You can take most any aviation brand and fit it into one of these categories. Please note that all brands shown here are the property of their respective trademark … Continue reading

ForeFlight Mobile for Pilots


ForeFlight mobile is the app that is used most often on my iPhone and iPad. It is an extremely powerful preflight, weather, and navigation tool that has a lot of depth coupled with an excellent user interface.It isn’t hard to get around this application. In some of the aircraft I’ve rented before, the radio equipment … Continue reading

Yankee Barn Post and Beam Homes

Stay a night at the Yankee Barn model home in Grantham, NH to explore the pre-fab home buying process with one manufacturer.

ADHD counseling and other academic issues you never thought about.

A friend of mine recently started her own website in an industry that has not yet wholeheartedly embraced the web yet – the psychology industry. It’s too bad, as there is a lot of room for it to grow and develop new methods to deal with a growing number of students who need help and … Continue reading