DIYRE Colour 500-Series Modules

A Touch of Colour   The DIYRE Colour modules are conceptually simple units that isolate the building block components from classic gear. Colour takes these tone-shaping components and lets you access them on their own inside of a DIY 500-series module. The Colour modules can give you more (or less) of a single effect, whether that … Continue reading

Upcoming DIY reviews: Serpent SA3A, DIYRE Colour, and more

Update on new, recording studio DIY audio projects

Do you really think I can build this [compressor, preamp, eq]?

Build your own pro audio gear – it’s not rocket surgery.

Drip Electronics STA-LEVEL Compressor

A review of the Drip Electronics Sta-Level tube compressor.

Dangerous ST-DAC Review (Monitor ST DA Converter)

A very positive review of the Dangerous ST_DAC DA Converter for the Monitor ST controller.

Upgrading your project studio DAW interface to 96KHz

DAW interface options at the dawn of Thunderbolt

The author goes on a search for the best way to get 18 channels of 96KHz audio into and out of a laptop using Avid ProTools 9. There is a requirement to use outboard gear and digital conversion that primarily rests outside of the interface itself – the main goal is to find something that delivers and sends 1s and 0s to and from the computer.

B16 VCA Compressor by Seventh Circle Audio (SCA)

A review of the Seventh Circle Audio (SCA) B16 compressor. Similar to the DBX 160 compressor.

Top Five Best Microphones for the Recording Studio

My top five favorite microphones for the recording studio are: AKG 451e w/ CK1 capsule Lomo 19a19 Shure SM7 Neumann SM69 SM57 Depending on the day or the mood in the recording studio, I might be inclined to choose some other microphones. For today, here are my top five recording studio mics: AKG 451e with … Continue reading

6 iPhone Audio Apps for the Recording Studio

Some cool iPhone Apps for audio that I’m using these days are: Apple’s Voice Memos App This one replaces the old microcassette recorder I had always used. You can email files to yourself or grab them through iTunes. Can’t beat it for its simplicity, though I wish that the controls were a bit faster. I’m … Continue reading

Cars and Mixing

The car mix – time to see what road noise can do for your mix.