Do you really think I can build this [compressor, preamp, eq]?

Build your own pro audio gear – it’s not rocket surgery.


Comparing Gene Lawson’s L251 microphone capsule to Tim Campbell’s CT12 capsule

A comparison between the Lawson L251 capsule and Tim Campbell’s CT-12 capsule on the Lawson Microphones L251 amp body.

Royer 121 Microphones and Customer Service

An overview on studio recording uses for Royer 121 ribbon microphones, along with a description of their sound and Royer’s customer service.

Oktava Mods: The Morals of Modding MC-012 Microphones

oktava mc-012 mics

The morals of modding Okatva MC-012 Microphones.

Lawson L47c Single Pattern Cardioid Tube Microphone (6072)

An overview of the Lawson L47c Cardioid Tube Microphone.