Fender Super-Sonic Amp Squeal – Problem and Fix/Solution

A friend brought my old (now his) Super Sonic 60 amp in because it had started squealing at gigs. Because of this sound, it was unusable. To cut to the chase…it’s the reverb circuit, specifically the RCA connector at the amp. Wiggle the white reverb tank connector at the bottom of the chassis and you … Continue reading

DIYRE Colour 500-Series Modules

A Touch of Colour   The DIYRE Colour modules are conceptually simple units that isolate the building block components from classic gear. Colour takes these tone-shaping components and lets you access them on their own inside of a DIY 500-series module.┬áThe Colour modules can give you more (or less) of a single effect, whether that … Continue reading

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Do you really think I can build this [compressor, preamp, eq]?

Build your own pro audio gear – it’s not rocket surgery.