Thanks for visiting blog.monkbam.com. The idea behind this thing was to combine my audio interests with a unique look at pro audio marketing. Companies that specialize in pro audio products often have small budgets and do marketing themselves, so why not take a look at what they’re doing and offer some feedback?

The marketing part has not been highly featured yet, but I do plan to build out a separate site that simply interviews marketers for some of the most interesting brands in pro audio. I am sure there is a lot to learn.

In addition, I’ve been building guitar amps for a while, after years of repairing and building pro audio circuits, like compressors, mic pres and eqs. If you’ve gone back into the archives, you’ll see that those and other topics are covered here too.


ian hughes


2 Responses to “About”
  1. Antti says:


    Nice and rare post!!

    Few questions..

    Should I solder components to top layer/surface only?
    Should I solder everything to pcb before installing it to case (Collective Cases)?
    What have you used on “jump”? Just wire?
    What kind of wire you prefer/suggest making connections to front panel etc..?

    • monkbam says:

      Thanks –

      1. On most PCBs, you will typically solder a component to the bottom pads. However, some high quality boards essentially create the pad through the hole and you can solder them at the top. For new work though, use the bottom pads.

      2. Yes.

      3. Find a discarded leg of a large capacitor and use that. It’s just straight wire.

      4. 22AWG stranded wire. The Wire Barn has 6 spools each of 25′ wire in 6 colors for $30. If you need two conductor shielded wire, use Belden 8451.

      Good luck! Also, for a first project, I would suggest something like the Seventh Circle Audio A12 preamps or B16 compressors. It’s hard to find a better, complete package with all the components and great directions for beginners.

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