DIYRE Colour 500-Series Modules

A Touch of Colour   The DIYRE Colour modules are conceptually simple units that isolate the building block components from classic gear. Colour takes these tone-shaping components and lets you access them on their own inside of a DIY 500-series module.┬áThe Colour modules can give you more (or less) of a single effect, whether that … Continue reading

Do you really think I can build this [compressor, preamp, eq]?

Build your own pro audio gear – it’s not rocket surgery.

Drip Electronics STA-LEVEL Compressor

A review of the Drip Electronics Sta-Level tube compressor.

Dangerous ST-DAC Review (Monitor ST DA Converter)

A very positive review of the Dangerous ST_DAC DA Converter for the Monitor ST controller.

DAW interface options at the dawn of Thunderbolt

Upgrading your project studio DAW interface to 96KHz

The author goes on a search for the best way to get 18 channels of 96KHz audio into and out of a laptop using Avid ProTools 9. There is a requirement to use outboard gear and digital conversion that primarily rests outside of the interface itself – the main goal is to find something that delivers and sends 1s and 0s to and from the computer.

Comparing Gene Lawson’s L251 microphone capsule to Tim Campbell’s CT12 capsule

A comparison between the Lawson L251 capsule and Tim Campbell’s CT-12 capsule on the Lawson Microphones L251 amp body.

Royer 121 Microphones and Customer Service

An overview on studio recording uses for Royer 121 ribbon microphones, along with a description of their sound and Royer’s customer service.

oktava mc-012 mics

Oktava Mods: The Morals of Modding MC-012 Microphones

The morals of modding Okatva MC-012 Microphones.

Lawson L47c Single Pattern Cardioid Tube Microphone (6072)

An overview of the Lawson L47c Cardioid Tube Microphone.